Three weeks of additional barnyardgrass control.

RebelEX® herbicide provides excellent pre- and post-flood control of barnyardgrass, sprangletop and other grasses and broadleaf weeds. With two modes of action and a wider spectrum of control than propanil, RebelEX provides up to 504 additional hours (three weeks) of residual control of barnyardgrass. So enjoy your extra three weeks — however you spend it.

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A lot can happen in three weeks.


Winston EarnheartTough Weed Control You Can Count On

Tough Weed Control You Can Count On

Consultants share why they recommend RebelEX® herbicide to their rice growers.

Tough weed control you can count on video thumbnailAssess Weed Control To Save Costs

Assess Weed Control To Save Costs

Winston Earnheart from Earnheart Agricultural Services in Tunica, Mississippi, explains how he simplified weed control and saved on costs by switching from Ricestar and FACET to RebelEX® herbicide.

John Durand

John Durand
Rice grower | St. Martinville, Louisiana

“RebelEX has done things that other herbicides couldn’t. We applied RebelEX to big barnyardgrass and sprangletop. At the end of the day, there was no grass in the field.”

Gerald Klumpp

Gerald Klumpp
Rice grower | Lake Arthur, Louisiana

“This is one of the cleanest crops I have ever had, and I’ve used RebelEX on every acre. It has a good residual and has enough in it to knock your grass out, even when it has a little strength and height to it. To me, RebelEX is a no-brainer on conventional rice.”

Rusty Hestir

Rusty Hestir
Hestir Rice Services | DeWitt, Arkansas

“You should always work your residuals. We used RebelEX on just about everything. It’s a broad spectrum that takes care of it all. It controlled our alligatorweed and took care of the barnyardgrass in our rice fields. Based on our weed spectrum, this is exactly what we needed.”

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  • Up to three weeks of added residual control of barnyardgrass, smartweed and rice flatsedge
  • Outperforms propanil-containing products as well as Regiment, Permit, League and Ricestar
  • Superior control of sprangletop
  • Excellent pre-flood and post-flood control in conventional and CLEARFIELD® acres
  • Two modes of action to aid in resistance management
  • Wide application window from one-leaf rice to 60 days preharvest
  • Can be tank-mixed with most other rice herbicides